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Syringe Pick-up

Community Syringe Drop-box Sites:
  • HIV Alliance main office (1195a City View St)
  • Whitebird (341 E 12th Ave)
  • Buckley Detox Center (605 W 4th Ave)
  • Springfield Library (225 N 5th St, Springfield)
  • Eugene Service Station (450 OR-99)
  • Washington-Jefferson Park (1820 Roosevelt Blvd) (under maintenance, be back soon!)
Syringe Pick-up Safety

If you come across a used syringe in our community or any other public place, do not touch it! The syringe may be used and could be carrying viruses that can cause hepatitis C, HIV, or other blood borne diseases. If you are in Eugene or Roseburg, call HIV Alliance and we will send staff who are trained in syringe pick-up and the necessary precautions. If possible, stay around the site until staff can arrive and encourage others to avoid touching the syringe as well.

Need someone to come pick up a used syringe? Call 541.342.5088


Common Places for used syringesWhile we do our best to reduce and eliminate used syringes in our community, it’s impossible to be 100% successful. If there are no syringe pick-up services near you, you can follow the steps below. Keep in mind, these are safe strategies for adults only. If you are underage, find an adult and let them know of the hazard. To pick up syringes safely, we should remember:

  • wear needle-stick safe gloves
  • use a tool to pick up the syringe(s)
  • place the syringe in a sharps container (make sure sharp container is resting on level surface, not in your hand!)
  • Secure lid to sharps container
  • Contact HIV Alliance or take it to a dump

Despite evidence from many studies that syringe exchange programs are highly cost-effective ways to prevent HIV and have not been found to increase drug use, harm reduction programs continue to be heavily contested here in the US and around the world. On a global basis, about $100 billion is spent annually on the war on drugs. Research by Harm Reduction International indicates that if even as little as 7.5% of this $100 billion is redirected to harm reduction programs, by 2030 there would be 94% fewer new HIV infections among people who inject drugs. HIV Alliance is the only agency providing comprehensive syringe exchange programs in Lane, Douglas, and Josephine Counties, but we need your help to continue doing so. Please consider making a small donation today. With each dollar, we are able to purchase 10 new syringes. It truly makes a differenceClick here to make a difference today!

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