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Needle Exchange


The Needle Exchange program aims to protect public safety and community health by reducing the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C due to people sharing syringes. The program works to keep sterile syringes accessible so that those who inject drugs or hormones do not feel a need to share their syringes and risk becoming infected with HIV, HCV, or another blood borne disease.

The mission of HIV Alliance’s Needle Exchange is to:
  • Stop the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C
  • Increase access to health care, drug treatment and detox for people who inject drugs (PWID)
  • Decrease the presence of contaminated syringes in the local community.
Our Approach to Treatment

We look to support the health of people who inject drugs, as well as their families and sexual partners. Many find that quitting drugs improves their lives, BUT, this does not work for everyone, and it is an individual decision. We do not push people to get into treatment. We help those who choose to do so by giving referrals, advocacy, and counseling on the issue. All services are confidential.

Syringe Exchange for Hormone Injectors
We provide syringe exchange services to people in the Transgender Community who inject hormones. We provide needles and syringes most commonly used to inject hormones and accept used syringes for disposal. We also provide sharps containers and safer injection supplies as funding allows, including alcohol wipes and bandaids. Trans NEX happens on the last Wednesday of every month from 5-8pm at the Wayward Lamb during the We/Us/Ours social hour put on by Transponder. Free HIV testing is available.

Trans syringe exchange is available every last Wednesdays of the month from 5-8pm at the Wayward Lamb, 150 W Broadway, Eugene, OR 97401

Syringe Exchange for Injection Drug Users

We provide syringe exchange services to injection drug users. We provide new needles and accept used syringes for disposal. We are a one for one exchange and have safer injection kits available for clients who don’t have used needles to exchange. WE provide sharps containers and safer injection supplies as funding allows, including alcohol wipes, cottons and bandaids. We have a wound care doctor available (on these days) and we are providing overdose prevention kits (on these days).

Exchange Locations

Eugene (1966 Garden Ave):

Day Time Location
Monday 6pm-7:30pm Blair
Tuesday 11am-1pm Office
Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Blair
Thursday 6pm-7:30pm Glenwood
Friday 1pm-5pm Office

Roseburg (647 W. Luellen Dr, Suite 103):

Day Time Location
Monday 11am-3:30pm Office
Tuesday 11am-3:30pm Office
Wednesday 11am-3:30pm Office
Thursday 11am-3:30pm Office
Friday 11am-2:30pm Office

Josephine (Newman’s Church):

1st and 3rd  Thursdays                     Testing                 1:30-3:30pm                 NEX                        12-3pm

HIV Alliance is the only agency providing comprehensive syringe exchange programs in Lane, Douglas, and Josephine Counties, but we need your help to continue doing so. Please consider making a small donation today. With each dollar, we are able to purchase 10 new syringes. It truly makes a differenceClick here to make a difference today!

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