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Alliance for Community Wellness

We are pleased to announce that, as of Spring 2016, HIV Alliance has begun providing mental health services.

The “Alliance for Community Wellness”, is HIV Alliance’s Behavioral Health Services program, which expands on our mission to not only support individuals living with HIV/AIDS, but to also provide culturally sensitive and competent services to the greater LGBTQ+ communities. At this time we are only seeing OHP patients or self pay.

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We provide low barrier, trauma informed mental health counseling, and evaluation services, as well as referrals for those who would like to address their unique substance misuse/abuse issues.

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Cultural Competency

We understand that in order to work with the diverse populations that fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, the provider must have an understanding of the additional social and political stigmas, prejudices, and discrimination that produce trauma and abuse in similar ways that racism, sexism, and other destructive cultural values, beliefs and behaviors do in the greater community.

These additional challenges lead to higher rates of suicide, substance abuse, risk for homelessness, unemployment, avoidance of healthcare and social service providers, and a tendency to under-report trauma from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as under-reporting of substance abuse.


“Our counseling services are designed to develop insight, build internalized skills and self efficacy”

Behavioral health services evaluate how these negative and destructive cultural values and abuses are internalized and expressed in each individual accessing service. This expression can, and does influence a person’s sense of self and others, ability to self-regulate emotion and behaviors, levels of shame and guilt, and a person’s willingness and ability to interact and make choices on a personal and professional level with friends, family, co-workers, employers and community social services and health care providers.

Our counseling services are designed to develop insight, build internalized skills and self efficacy, so that the process of externalizing and deconstructing the trauma and damage associated with destructive cultural stigmas can occur. When this happens, often better choices are made, and skills are developed to become better self-advocates, develop stronger abilities, and to thrive in life and participate in the community.

Trauma Informed

A service or support system is trauma-informed when it recognizes trauma and is sensitive to the affect it has on a person’s behavioral health. We understand that each person experiences the world in a unique way, and that these events, whether ongoing or single occurrences, also have an affect on how we perceive and respond to future experiences. An experience is traumatic when a person feels a threat to their psychological safety, personal space, life or the safety of someone close to them. Trauma can be difficult to define because it includes many kinds of experiences and can affect anyone of any race, age, class, gender, sex, and ability. Trauma can happen in a relationship (friendly or intimate) when a pattern of damaging interactions form, including violence, abuse, and assault; it can also take place after a loss, disaster, or death. For example, people who have lost someone to chronic pain or have had negative interactions with hospital staff might have an aversion to hospitals due to the trauma they associate with the smells, lights, and general ambiance. Following the traumatic experience, people can develop increased sensitivity to certain smells, taste, phrases, or even touch if those sensory cues were present at the time of the traumatic event or occurrences.

Harm Reduction

This program will be guided by a harm reduction philosophy. You can learn more about harm reduction programs and philosophy by visiting our webpage, here

A common misconception about harm reduction is that it condones or encourages drug use. At the HIV Alliance, we are advocates of harm reduction and our client’s well-being.  While we support the goal of people working towards better health and functioning, which may include abstinence from alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviors, we recognize that for many people, this process takes time and may never occur. We won’t turn away people who request our services solely on the basis of active drug and alcohol use as long as they meet our admission criteria and can demonstrate motivation for the counseling and change process, as well as be able to participate in a meaningful way.


“We will do whatever we can to assist clients in accessing our services in a way that respects each person’s individual language and cultural needs.”

Language and Culture

For those clients whose primary language is not English, and who may have difficulty using English to engage in our services, we offer interpreter services in the language of the client’s choosing as long as the agency providing interpreting services offers the requested language. We will do whatever we can to assist clients in accessing our services in a way that respects each person’s individual language and cultural needs.

Interpreters are provided by contract with:

Linguava Interpreters

7931 NE Halsey, Suite 305

Portland, OR 97213

1-800-716-1777 Toll Free


Linguava can provide interpreters onsite, by phone, or by video conferencing

Frequently Asked Questions and Referrals

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